LumaCool TM Whitening PenLumaCool TM Whitening System
Disposable Cheek Retractors (pack of 4)
ITEM # 210032 (small size), ITEM # 210033 (medium size) ITEM # 210034 (large size)
Used to keep soft tissue away from the teeth during the whitening procedure. Available in three sizes: small (green colored), medium (blue colored), and large (red colored). Medium sized (blue) shown in photo.
Single use.
Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer (72 swabs per box)
ITEM # 300060
Soft cotton tip swabs individually filled with a Vitamin E lip care moisturizing formula. Moisturizes dry, chapped lips and skin. Long lasting, it can be used as a nighttime treatment. Ready-to-use, sanitary and disposable. Perfect for moisturizing the patient’s lips during the whitening procedure.
Patient Protective Eyewear
ITEM # 210035
Safety glasses that have been matched to the wavelength and power intensity of our whitening light systems. Used to protect the patient’s eyes during the whitening procedure.
Replacement Xe-Halogen Lamps (4 pack) for LumaArch System
ITEM # 210043
Not to be used for the LumaArch II


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