LumaCool TM Whitening PenLumaCool TM Whitening System
Patient Brochures (50 pack)
ITEM # 210038
A great way to promote whitening in your office. Inform patients of the in-office whitening procedure with our patient brochures.

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In-Office Posters (2)
ITEM # 990015
An attention grabber in any waiting room or operatory. Eye-catching, full color office display posters (16”x20”) help promote the in-office whitening procedure to your patients.

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Patient Informed Consent Pad (50 tear-off sheets)
ITEM # 990017
Inform patients of the whitening procedure and expectations.

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Patient Take-Home Instructions Pad (50 tear-off sheets)
ITEM # 990024
Provide patients with easy-to-follow take-home instructions after the whitening procedure so that they can maintain their new, brighter smiles.

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